Saturday, February 6, 2010

After trying few shots with manual setting, this is the best i can do for now.. i know, the lightings still not good enuf, still not as good as pro.. haha.. but i impress the output of the dslr.. beside, this is 1 of my first shot on my 1st day with this new gadget.. i like...

my first DSLR and my luvly wife..

Finally, i made up my mind to own my first DSLR camera. As for beginner, d5000 is good enough for me. This is my first shot on my dslr. still lackng of skills, need more training.. haha.. hope all sifus out there could help me.. at first i wanna get d3000, just a very entry level.. after did some readings and reviews, i found d5000 is worth for money, just topup a little bit. Also, i got asked about d90 seems like i like the lens, but near 4k :(. so i decided to go for d5000 and save money for future lens. So, here you go.. my first shot.. :)